Mates stand by mates, especially in their time of need.

The Gurkha Welfare Trust

The Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT) are the delivery partner for Gurkhas Australia in Nepal. Their aim is to provide welfare to enable Gurkha ex-servicemen, their dependents and their communities to live their lives with dignity. Most are in their 80’s and 90’s and heavily reliant on GWT support for a secure old age. For those who are unable to live independently, GWT also offer residential care.  GWT deliver community aid to rural villages, install clean water and sanitation systems, build and refurbish schools and run mobile medical camps. They are the benchmark for efficient, honest and effective charitable endeavors in Nepal with 30 operational bases and 400 field staff. We salute them and support their efforts without hesitation and with a passion.

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Supporting communities, veterans and widows

Our funds help GWT provide vital income to over 6,323 Gurkha veterans and widows in recognition of their loyal service and sacrifice. Last year 35,551 children benefited from their schools programme and 19,804 people had drinking water piped straight to their home. GWT also provides free primary healthcare and mobile teams to visit housebound pensioners in their remote homes.

Quite simply, I would be dead without my pension. GWT is my lifeline. I have nothing to say other than you are keeping me alive.
— Pakuli Gurung, widow of WWII veteran Naik Balaram Gurung

The dreadful earthquakes

13 veterans killed, 78 water projects damaged, 161 schools and 1700 veterans’ homes lost or damaged… Gurkha Australia is on a mission to help GWT bring aged veterans in from the cold.  620 homes rebuilt so far, 23 schools scheduled for completion before the 2017 monsoons hit. Now it is our turn to support them.