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Gurkhas serve and train with Australian troops on a regular basis. The links go back to Gallipoli. The slouch hats not only look similar but beneath them lies a common bond, respect and mutual affection.


Corporal Agnish Thapa Military Cross (MC) 2008

Corporal Agnish Thapa, 27, was awarded his Military Cross for giving Australian troops an opportunity to withdraw from the enemy's killing area and dragging a mortally wounded solider 100 metres under intense enemy fire.

A Lance Corporal at the time of the incident Agnish Thapa dashed across open ground under heavy enemy fire to link up with the Australian troops and on reaching the wounded casualty he dragged him 100 metres into the nearest cover, where he initiated Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. LCpl Thapa then returned to his section to maintain protection and provide suppressive fire. His citation states: 

"Thapa showed conspicuous gallantry, complete disregard for his own safety, and a presence of mind and tactical acumen far above that expected of a soldier of his rank and experience."

"I just knew my colleague was lying on the ground so I just grabbed him and dragged him 100 metres, I did that not for the honour, but for my job.”